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小题1:A小题2:C小题3:D 略

the ninth C. the nineth D. nine 16. —What’s the date today? —It is _____. A. the June fourth B. the fourth of June C. of June ...

the twenty-fourth of June (24 Jun.) June the twenty-fourth (Jun.24) 后面是缩写。谢谢,加油!

On June Fourth 或 On June 4th

May 2003, "top 100 enterprises of shenzhen software" fourth, June 16, is worth Tencent pride, in Hong Kong on the mainboard, stock code for the ...

My birthday is on the June of fourth. I study English in the monring. Teacher's Day is in the morning. I must complete my homework before Monday....

May, Xiangganbianjie in the first Congress elected secretary of UNSCOM, he was appointed secretary of the Committee of the Fourth Army front.June, in ...

序数词前要加特指的词,一般情况下,加the表示特指,但这里的my 就已经有特指的意思了,所以就不用加了。当然,也可以表达成:The fourth birthday of mine。

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