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(顺序)月日年:(是June the first,2015) the first of June,2015 这两种都可以! 好好加油,我是英语老师哦

前者不仅是"六月一日"还有“琼是第一”的意思 后者是六月的第一天

June the first!!!六月一号呗》 the 6th of June, the 25th of May, 序数词前应当定冠词the , June 6th 在写的时候可以没有, 但表达时要说June the 6th 快中考了,加油撒!英语一定要把不懂疑问解决。最好把不懂得词义辨析一类列出,一条条解...


填Children's Children's Day is on the first day of June. 儿童节是六月的第一天。

Still remember when I first saw her face it was just your average day it was May or maybe June I think I remember, I ran home and told my mom I was in love she said Corey your just to young to even understand the word and I don...

肯定有语境 一般情况都有介词的 或者连the都不要 一般是next, last这种词前面没有介词

the first of June June the first on June 1st. 都可以讲,一般最后一个用的比较多,用了介词on,第一个一般用在句首。给你几个例句: 1.Children'...

这肯定是对the first of june 提问 what date is it today?

Children's Day is on June 1st. 按英语语法,在日期、年月日、星期几、星期几+早午晚; 皆用on。 例: (1)日期、年月日类 on Octorber the first 1949 1949年10月1日 on February the thirteenth l893 1893年2月13日 on May the first 5月1日 on ...

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