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(顺序)月日年:(是June the first,2015) the first of June,2015 这两种都可以! 好好加油,我是英语老师哦

前者不仅是"六月一日"还有“琼是第一”的意思 后者是六月的第一天

June the first!!!六月一号呗》 the 6th of June, the 25th of May, 序数词前应当定冠词the , June 6th 在写的时候可以没有, 但表达时要说June the 6th 快中考了,加油撒!英语一定要把不懂疑问解决。最好把不懂得词义辨析一类列出,一条条解...

is your birthday on the first of june 的肯定回答是什么 Yes,it is.

we hold ()every year on june the first 填Children's Day 或者Children's Day Party

Today is the first of is children's day. 译文:今天是六月的第一天,这一天是儿童节。 谐音:透得 伊思 蛇 否斯特 喔否 琼恩 ,伊特 伊思 踹了菌斯 得。 中文的音毕竟跟英语发音相差蛮大,所以有条件又好学的话,尽量听英语原文。

Children's Day is onJune the first is .

Still remember when I first saw her face it was just your average day it was May or maybe June I think I remember, I ran home and told my mom I was in love she said Corey your just to young to even understand the word and I don...


这肯定是对the first of june 提问 what date is it today?

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