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这是杨雪菲的完整古典吉他谱专辑,其中I believe 在第58页,爱的罗曼史(Romance de Amor)在第7页。望采纳!!

I believe 孙楠 吉他谱 我的野蛮女友

G Bm 没有山不能跨越(i believe i can) 没有海不能冒险(i believe i can) Am Em C Am7 D 让历史记得这一天 当我用心立下诺言~~~~~~ G Bm 没有事不能改变(i believe i can) 没有梦不能实现(i believe i can) Am Em C Am7 D 我站在未来最前线 抬头...


田馥甄i believe 吉他谱

1. Verse: C Fm I used to think that i could not go on C Fm And life was nothing but an awful song C Fm But now I know the meaning of true love C Fm I'm kneeling on the everlasting lines Pre-chorus: Am If I can see it Fm Then I ...

Cm G# D# Adia I do believe I failed you Cm G# Gm Adia I know I’ve let you down D# G# Don’t you know I tried so hard D# Bm Cm To love you in my way G#m7(b5) D# A# It’s easy let it go... Cm G# D# Adia I’m empty since you left me ...

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