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drumbeat of violence 震耳的击鼓声 violence [英][ˈvaɪələns][美][ˈvaɪələns] n. 暴力,强暴,暴虐; 猛烈,激烈; 歪曲(事实),曲解(意义); 冒渎,不敬;



竞争的队伍随着鼓声划船前进, 比赛谁先到达终点。

可以搜索一下RPGViewer这个软件,用这个软件 解压SOLDATA.pak文件中Wav\comm\DrumBeat05.wav

歌曲名:beating like a drum 歌手:eskimo joe 专辑:black fingernails, red wine This room is like the belly of a ghost Swaying to the rhythm of a heart that is now lost So tell me that I'm wrong Tell me that tehre's a consequence O...

004 Un Singur Drum-Dj_Tonny_ Break_ Beat _Remix005 I Love You Forever (DJ Anxiao Remix)006 patrick nuo - five days DJ蜗牛Rmix007 Rock & Fire...

“Die Young” Kesha 唱的 歌词: I hear your heart beat to the beat of the drums Oh what a shame that you came here with someone So while you'...

it's the beat of my heartwhat you feel deep insideand it meansyou ...drum is in to youdance to the heartbeatwoh oh ohyou better take your ...

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