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which is better, reading books or reading on the internet having a child or not a person's fate depends on ourselves or on the society who should bear the main responsibility of generation gap, parents or children ?


你好! Right, so the first topic or debate is " You wilRight, so the first topic or debate is " You will be happier if you remain unmarried" 对,所以第一个话题或争论的是“你wilright,所以第一个话题或争论的是“你会更快乐,如果你不...


What about ur topic? I think the most important thing is ur oral english, if u speak english smoothly, u have won at least a half. So u'd better make a full preparation of the topic, write down ur ideas and recite them. In all,...

That was a debate competition between different majors and the topic was about theoretical knowledge versus practices. What mattered most is not the result ...

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