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BE pAiD For

I must be paid for this是被动语态 意思是 为这个 必须付给我钱



但是是薪金和工资的含义;而payment是要付的款项的含义,同时在牛津英语词典中也有跟你这个类似的例句:The television can be paid for in ten monthly payments of...

A 试题分析:句意:在英语课程开始前,我们必须先付一个月的钱。情态动词后加动词原形。根据句意及结构该句是主动结构,故选A。

Thank you very much for taking the time to reply my email. I have updated the order. It would be great if you could re-calculate the sum and ...

26Now too much ___ is paid to and too much ...29、That paper must be handed in by next week...30、I am wondering ___ for Chinese people these...

refuse to拒绝做某事

Terms of Payment:①Full invoice value shall be paid by L/C 60 days from the B/L date,payable in USD for 100% amount of invoice value ...

用法是refuse to do be done 表示被动

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