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B 试题分析:考查定语从句。本题的先行词是three sons,在定语从句中whom指代先行词在句中做of的宾语,因为先行词是人,所以使用whom表示。句意:那个老教授有三个儿子,所有的儿子都是医生。点评:解答定语从句的关键是分析句子成分,如果定语...

all of them 可以作为主语,指所有的XXX,这个them所指的对象前文中已经提到的,可以指人、事物等等,举个简单的例子:We have ten people in the room; all of them are girls. 其中all of them are girls也可单独成句。 all of which和all of ...

are ,them 指他们,是复数

bIf you fail, don't forget to learn your lesson.

all of them 主语 are dancing 谓语 happliy 状语 ,可以放在are 和dancing中间,也可以放在dancing后面

选B。本句可以表示为All of them are...或They are all...

C get the information得到信息,find找到,cover the events采访事件,search the house搜查这所房子。

all of them are great是一个完整的句子,而all of them so great不完整,少了谓语动词,但口语里面也能这样说吧。

all of them are having a good time 他们都过得很愉快 双语对照 例句: 1. Just having a good time. 我们过得都很愉快. 2. My god, we're having a good time. 我的上帝啊,我们相处得很好

In the classroom,some girls are talking ,two students are writing.A boy is asking his teacher a question.On the playground,there are lots of sutdents playing sports.Some boys are playing soccer.some girls are rope skipping.Some...

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