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in a year's time是在一年的时间里 而 in a year是在一年 例句: In a year's time we will all be laughing about it. 一年以后我们都会对此一笑置之。 It's risky to assume that we know what voters will be thinking in a year's time. 自...

March is the third month of a year 三月是一年的第三个月

for a year一年来 与 since a year ago自从一年前 从意思上来说都是一样的。 for+一段时间 since+时间点 如: I have studied here for a year. =I have studied here since a year ago.

在过去时态中表示在一年内。He finished writing the composition in a year. 他在一年内完成这篇文章 在一般将来时中是在一年后。I will turn up in a year.我在一年后将回来。在将来时中in后要加一段时间,after后加一个时间点

一年 [词典] year; annum; [例句]我曾与一位女研究助理约会了一年的时间。 For a year I dated a woman who was a research assistant

A snowy eara rich year 一个下雪的地区丰富的一年 例句 A snowy 1. He tried to stay a few months every year in Scotland. 他每年都会争取在苏格兰住几个月。 为你解答,敬请采纳, 如果本题还有疑问请追问,Good luck!

A Thousand Years 演唱:Christina Perri Heart beats fast 心在狂跳 Colors and promises 色彩以及誓言 How to be brave 如何变勇敢 How can I love when I'm afraid to fall 如何去爱,若我害怕坠毁 But watching you stand alone 可一见你孤...

is the second month of a year 是一年的第二个月

a calendar year [英][ə ˈkælində jə:][美][e ˈkæləndɚ jɪr] 年,历年; 例句: 1. Between 2008 and 2009, the data was collated on a mid-year basis, from june to may,but from last year...

不同的地方用几种用法: 1. 结果:小切口阑尾切除手术效果满意,随访半年未见任何并发症。 Results All the patients were satisfied with the operations and they were followed up for a half year withoutany complications. 2. 经半年以上...

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