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一、 is am, is are are is, is 二、 is not are those Am I, no, I'm not aren't Are they, Yes, they are

一、 Are; am not 2. is 3. is; is 4. are; are 5. Are; aren't are 6. Is; is is 7. is 8. are 9. is 10. is isn't 二、 I'm who's Jane's There are isn't are not She would like don't does not 三、 have have has has have have has have

26 is, am 27 is, is 28 are 29 Are 30 is ----------------------------------- 如有疑问欢迎追问! 满意请记得给予采纳哦么么哒 o(∩_∩)o

Is this your ruler? 肯定回答,Yes,it is。 否定回答,No,it isn't 如果解决了你的问题,记得采纳哦 新的问题请重新提问

一、用be动词及其正确的形式填空 。 1、-- ___Are___you Michale? -- No,I__am_ _not_____. 2、What__is_____Jane’s phone numb er? 3、-- Where __is____she from? -- She _is___from the USA. 4、-- Where ___are__Lily and Lucy fro m? -- Th...

IS Tom reading a book now?? 现在进行时 动词be提前用于提问 动词be加动词ing形式 如 running 表示正在进行 加ing不是动名词 是现在分词 表示正在发生的动作

You are eight in the students?Yes, I was among eight students. Three years ago, eight of you are students? No, I am a teacher. He do in the classroom? Is not he in the library. . Yesterday, he do in the classroom? Yesterday, he...

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